Simplest Luxury Shower Spa - Best Value

1/3 Amount of Water - With Highest Pressure


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America's simpliest luxury shower spa.
Complete with the Joyable six Streeam
through only the lightest of touches to
the shower head circular button. Durable,
easily installed, readable instructions, with
luxurious, silky smooth results. A great
vacation every time you enter the shower.

6 Pleasure Streams

Highly useful to adults,children and caring
for the pets of the family is the long cord
available in this shower spa. The 6' cord
allows the full stretch of the normal bathing
area. Every body part can be reached with
ease and a mischievous pet can be washed
swiftly. The cord is very light and flexible,
returning comfortably to original position
when desired.

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For relaxation or function the 5 sprays offered
by this shower spa range from the fullest of a
light summer rain to streams akin to a high
pressure garden hose. Those jobs, such as
rinsing a heavily soaped head of hair,
are made more enjoyable with the ability to
quickly adjust the waterflow. The different
sprays develop a "super-clean" feeling as the
body is able to undergo a true rinse with
various water impact stages.